Friday, October 8, 2010

shud i or shudn't i

am thinkin' on to chopped off tsya's hair.. it's gettin messy n disturbing her view.. but frankly speaking, i love to see her carrying dat long n not-so-thick wig ;) its nt easy to see tsya's in a ponytail.. well its better n neat.. i remember when i ask her bout the hair... mommy - tsya, ur hair is like what??? tsya- like yan (boyan).. hahahahah she admit it... no lil D, my jr will nt look like dat anymore...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

helpppp!!! am sooo crazyyy about petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack

gosh.. its damn cool.. i love da design yet fashionable fr hot mommies ;) its $170.. sooo expensive... how am i gonna to grab dat fr my lil diva.. told daddy bout dat.. if i've an extra penny, will own dat ;P well i think it cn be used as a tsya's school bag when she's no longer a bottle sucker.. mommy have to work hard frm nw on.. owwhh.. i shud start thinking ur next year's programme.. kindergarten+ballet class+swimming class.. will consider fr ur priority...

Monday, October 4, 2010

my bestfren's wedding+da house is open fr everyone ;)

2nd oct 2010.... my bestfriend's wedding.. my sugar-nadirah is officially bcum mrs bakir.. am happy fr both of u ;).. cant wait fr ur jr babe.. hahahahhahahahahaaaaa.... duk diam2 kt dlm bilik tu(oopppsss).. actually my open hse was a same date as nad's reception.. huhuhuh dats y i cant stay longer there.. i love ur bju ;) nice colour.. its a mauve aight.. i didn't managed to captured ur piccas.. so sad.. babe nnti edit n tmpal gmbar i kay at ur pelamin... hihihhi... okay.. ermm i was late to reached @ my mom's hse.. so sorry fr those who r erlier than me.. da traffic was pathetic.. well its a raya everyone is enjoying fr food galore ;)!!!! i juz wanna thanx a guest who drop by even its a far far away.. next year insyallah will be sumwhere around k.l.. pray fr me ;) last bt nt least lets da piccas talk by itself

tsya is injured ;(

da injured gurl is happy wif her ride.. thanx giraffe.. u safe my day ;)

much better ;)

pity on u my ola.. well i guess its a lesson fr u.. next time plsss behave when mommy is handling u alone.. alhamdulillah.. its a minor.. if not i think ur hand will crack.. to calm u down mommy have to treats u wif a ride +milo+ribena ;) u're mad when mommy keep on telling u dat, its all ur fault ;P yesterday was a pathetic day.. 3 probs in one day...