Thursday, November 12, 2009

atrisya's 1st trip 2 island

huhhhuu.. entry ni suda basi la.. tp nk update gak.. on 1st - 3rd may 09 we went to perhentian island.. it was a challenging trip fr both me n ajib cuz we bring along our princess ola.. frankly speaking... i wasn't easy cuz u hav 2 make sure all her stuff is totally complete.. n it cn be stuck in juz 1 backpack which is loading by my stuff n daddy's... huhhu cian daddy dat time kena carry along backpack yg sama height ngn mummy n ola's milk bag.. so heavy i tell u... But its all nt a big problemo fr us.. atrisya really had fun... ola heart the island so much.. Alhamdulillah.. everything was fine there.. ola behaved so gud. pity on her cuz she juz watched mummy n daddy snorkelling.. no worries sweetie will bring u there again. n we'll make sure u cn join all ur aunts n being such a cute mermaid :)

in da erl otw to klia

at the klia - pak su a.k.a da clown fall down

ola had fun gettin jiggy in da speed boat

SFIL, MIL, paksu, mommy n ola(so excited)

its a sand time!!!

ola wif her aunts. ola always been pampered by them

pak su wif his MJ style

big smile frm ola

daddy's carried ola's milk bag

daddy look after ola while mommy....

snorkelling :)

its time to go home - we'll be back

family potrait

otw back to nenek's house
can't wait fr da next trip...

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